22 December, 2020 21:39 Armenian Death Toll in the Karabakh War Exceeds 3,300 70 days after getting cut off from the rest of Armenian forces, six soldiers from the Artsakh Defense Army’s 9th regiment were discovered alive in the south of Artsakh (Karbakh). According to Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan, a group of Russian peacekeepers and Artsakh Emergency Management Agency personnel located the group in the Azerbaijani-occupied Hadrut district and brought them to Stepanakert on December 20.

In the six weeks since the November 10 cease-fire, more than 1,000 bodies of Armenian military personnel and a few civilians have been recovered, primarily from the south of Karabakh. Until now only one other Armenian, and one Azerbaijani servicemen were found alive in these search operations.
22 December, 2020 21:14 Opposition Gives an Ultimatum to PM Nikol Pashinyan ✓Members of the opposition organized a rally demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

✓Gayane Melkom Melkomyan was appointed Deputy Mayor of the Yerevan City Hall

✓Two modern residential settlements have been built in Stepanakert for Russian peacekeepers

✓Azerbaijan will allocate $1.3 billion for the reconstruction of its occupied territories
22 December, 2020 20:23 Who Participates in the Demarcation of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Border A working group has been set up to coordinate the delimitation and demarcation of the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, said Armenia's government in response to a written inquiry from CivilNet.

Asked by CivilNet whether Turkish officials were involved in the demarcation process, the government said no, noting that only representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia are taking part in the process. From the Armenian side, the General Staff of the Armed Forces is the main participant.
21 December, 2020 22:03 Russian Border Guards Will Patrol the Armenian Borders of Syunik ✓The third and last day of mourning for those killed in the Karabakh war at the Yerablur pantheon.
✓Nikol Pashinyan visited the Syunik region. Russian Border Guards will ensure the security of the residents in Armenia’s southern region.
✓The mayor of Goris Arush Arushanyan was arrested.
21 December, 2020 20:20 What I saw at Yerablour Yesterday: Honor and Damnation We honored the dead yesterday, as hundreds of thousands of marched up the terrible hill to honor our heroes. The scenes of that day will be forever etched into my mind. It was hard not to be overcome by unsettling feelings of pride, shame, anger and solidarity all together combined in one package.

What we honored were the following:

The crying mothers and stoic fathers at the head of each gravestone, both so strong yet so vulnerable.

The 19-year-old fallen hero whose family had placed a second, slightly older, photo on his gravestone, and how he looked very much like my 14-year-old. This crushed me more than anything else yesterday.
21 December, 2020 06:07 Media Coverage of the Karabakh War Artak Beglaryan and Arman Tatoyan, human rights ombudsmen for Artsakh and Armenia, respectively, have issued a report on foreign media coverage of the Karabakh fighting between September 27 and November 10, 2020.

According to the report 390 reporters from 90 different countries covered the fighting from the Armenian side. Some of these reporters came under attack from the Azerbaijani side, with seven seriously injured and one local fixer killed. Azerbaijani authorities also filed criminal charges against Russian war correspondent Semyon Pegov, who was embedded with Armenian forces through most of the war. Other journalists were blacklisted for visiting Artsakh without Azerbaijan’s permission, as has been Azerbaijan’s policy for years.

20 December, 2020 19:56 Coming to Armenia to Volunteer - A Talk with George Terterian Lawyer from California George Terterian speaks to CivilNet about why he decided to come to Armenia as a volunteer. George also gives insight into his Armenian roots, how he organized his trip, and what his message would be to diasporan Armenians that want to help the country.
20 December, 2020 04:01 Uncertainty Looms Over the New Armenia-Azerbaijan Border A month has passed since the trilateral ceasefire agreement signed between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, which effectively ended the Nagorno Karabakh War and granted large amounts of territory inside and around Karabkah to Azerbaijan.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian requested Russian President Vladimir Putin to assist in the demarcation of new border lines between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Artsakh.

This issue of the new borders remains a concern as no clear line of demarcation exists between many areas. The border situation thus remains unclear as Azerbaijani troops are actively moving into Armenia’s unmarked borders in the southern region of Syunik. It seems Azerbaijan is attempting to take advantage of the uncertain border situation and take as much land as possible.

18 December, 2020 22:15 Armenia’s Territories Near Kapan Transferred to Azerbaijan ✓Russian border guards will be deployed to the border areas of Syunik.

✓9 bodies of Armenian servicemen have been recovered in the Khtsaberd area.

✓The EU promises 10 million euros in humanitarian aid to Armenia.
18 December, 2020 03:41 Russian border guards to be deployed to Armenia's southern Syunik province Russian border guards will be deployed to Armenia's southernmost Syunik Province as new border demarcations bring Armenia and Azerbaijan closer than ever.

Armenia's Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan says that the border between the two countries is being adjusted and demarcated at the moment with the participation of high-ranking officers from both sides.

"Not a single meter will be conceded from Armenia's territory," he says.

Armenia's southern Syunik Province borders Iran to the south, the Azerbaijani enclave of Nakhichevan to the west, and as of November 9, Azerbaijan proper to the east. The new eastern border is the result of the "end of war" agreement signed by heads of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, which handed over much of the Armenian-controlled territory in the area to Azerbaijan.
17 December, 2020 22:18 Russian Peacekeepers to be Deployed to Armenia’s Syunik Region ✓Russian peacekeepers will be deployed to the region of Syunik.

✓The fate of 73 servicemen in Karabakh’s south remains unknown.

✓900 bodies have been retrieved from the battlefield so far.

✓Artsakh’s president says he will resign when the time is right.

17 December, 2020 20:56 Bodies of 9 Armenian Soldiers Found Near Armenian Positions in Karabakh's South The bodies of nine Armenian servicemen found near the Armenian military positions in southern Karabakh were handed over to the Armenian side, reads a statement from the Karabakh Defense Army.

"According to preliminary information, the bodies of nine Armenian servicemen found near the Armenian military positions in the direction of Old Tagher-Khtsaberd were transferred to the Defense Army of the Republic of Artsakh on December 16. The circumstances of their deaths are still unknown," the statement reads.

Karabakh officials say necessary actions are being taken to find out the circumstances of the death of the servicemen as well as their identities.