17 August, 2020 20:35 Armenia is Developing Social Assistance and Integration Programs for Lebanese Armenians Vahram Avetisyan, a candidate for Armenia’s Constitutional Court has refused the position .

The tourism sector in Artsakh has experienced a significant decline.

Armenia is developing social assistance and integration programs for Lebanese Armenians.

Former President Serzh Sargsyan is to hold a press conference.
16 August, 2020 19:07 Lebanese-Armenians Look Towards Armenia as a New Home Sara Anjargolian is Chief of Staff to Zareh Sinanyan, Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. She has just returned to Armenia from a trip to Lebanon with the High Commissioner, following the massive explosion in Beirut on August 4, which resulted in more than 200 casualties. The explosion significantly impacted most Armenian-populated areas in the city, causing substantial damage to the community’s businesses, educational, cultural, and media institutions.

Sara Anjargolian talks with CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan about the situation in the Lebanese capital, the Armenian communities' mood and their growing desire to move from Lebanon and settle in Armenia.
15 August, 2020 21:19 The AGBU’s Work to Provide Relief to Beirut CivilNet’s Emilio Cricchio spoke to Ara Vassilian, the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Director of Schools in Lebanon.

AGBU has managed to raise 2 million dollars in only a few days with regards to their Lebanon relief fund, Vassilian discussed this and other topics related to the aftermath of the blast in Beirut.

The relief fund is also still open for donations on the agbugiving.org/Lebanon website.
14 August, 2020 22:16 On BBC’s Hardtalk, Pashinyan Calls for Strengthening Monitoring on Armenian-Azerbaijani Frontline ✓Restrictions have been eased regarding passing the Armenia-Artsakh frontier.

✓Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has participated in an interview on BBC’s hardtalk.

✓The diaspora commissioner’s statement on non-Armenian immigration to Armenia has sparked controversy.
14 August, 2020 11:04 Statement by Diaspora Commissioner on Non-Armenian Immigration Sparks Controversy In an August 8 interview with CivilNet, Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Zareh Sinanyan, went on the record stating that Armenia should be ready to accept not only Lebanese Armenians, but also Christian Arabs and Assyrians living in Lebanon, following the devastating explosion in Beirut on August 4.
13 August, 2020 22:41 Government Begins Cleanup of Lake Sevan Shoreline ✓According to the PM, the government has injected $300 million into the economy.

✓Lydian International has responded to the termination of the EBRD’s investment in Amulsar.

✓The Environment Minister states that the cleanup of the shores of Lake Sevan has begun.

✓A state prosecutor has demanded long sentences for the members of the Sasna Tsrer Party.

✓The government is to provide a stimulus package for Armenia’s tourism sector.
13 August, 2020 21:08 Belarus Solidarity Protest in Armenia A group of protesters have taken to downtown Yerevan to express their solidarity with the people of Belarus. They demonstrated outside the Armenian Parliament and then made their way to the Government Building in Republic Square. This comes as mass protests are taking place in Belarus against long-time ruler Alexander Lukashenko who has just won reelection in what many see as a fraudulent election.

12 August, 2020 15:57 Major bank investment in disputed Armenian gold mine to end For over two years, the Amulsar gold mine in Armenia has been under blockade. Now, as part of the mining company’s restructuring process, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development says its investment in the flagship project is finished.
11 August, 2020 22:12 Pashinyan Criticised for Swiftly Congratulating Belarus’ Lukashenko ✓Schools in Armenia are set to reopen on September 15.
✓Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan receives criticism after congratulating Belarusian President on his reelection despite mass protests.
✓The Diaspora Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan has invited Lebanese Armenians to move to Armenia if they wish.
✓The coronavirus situation in Armenia continues to stabilize.
11 August, 2020 11:14 Clashes Break Out Between Protesters and Security at Amulsar Gold Mine By Mark Dovich
Clashes continue at the controversial Amulsar Gold Mine in Armenia’s Vayots Dzor region between environmental activists and security guards hired by Lydian Armenia, the company that operates the mine The most recent incident took place on August 4
Tensions grew after Lydian security guards used cranes to replace the cabins used to house security staff with new facilities Lydian has repeatedly stated that the cabins are located on its property, a claim disputed not only by activists, but also by Vardan Hovhannisyan, the mayor of the nearby town of Jermuk, representatives of the Jermuk police department, and the Center of Geodesy and Cartography NGO in Yerevan
The protest escalated into pushing, yelling and rock throwing Police were dispatched to the scene, resulting in the arrest of 10 protesters and two security guards The activists have accused the police of using excessive force in detaining protesters
Daily protests have continued at the Amulsar site since August 4 and have
10 August, 2020 22:02 Armenia PM Speaks of “Historical Connection” to Lands Promised in Treaty of Sevres ✓Armenia marks 100 years since the Treaty of Sevres.

✓Ex-police chief Vladimir Gasparyan has threatened journalists.

✓Aid-filled planes have arrived in Lebanon from Armenia and Artsakh.

✓47,000 covid-19 test kits have been produced in Armenia.
7 August, 2020 22:19 Several Detained at Amulsar Mine Protest As Government Doesn’t Clarify Position ✓Several protesters have been detained at the Amulsar Mine sit-in protest.
✓Three aid-filled planes will be sent from Armenia to Lebanon.
✓Former President Serzh Sargsyan states that Armenia cannot return to the past.
✓Forbes magazine has highlighted the role of women in Armenia’s IT Sector.
✓New anti-epidemic regulations will be observed at Armenia’s airports.