9 March, 2020 17:25 Global Coronavirus Outbreak Affects Armenian Economy, Though Impact Expected to Be Short-Term In early March, Armenia’s Central Bank released a statement confirming that it “is closely monitoring global economic developments” related to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak worldwide. According to the Central Bank, the impact of the outbreak “on both the world economy and the Armenian economy is expected to be short-term”, with the Central Bank preparing measures to “ensure price and financial stability in Armenia” if necessary. The economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Armenian economy is expected on three main dimensions.
8 March, 2020 22:51 #EachForEqual: How Armenia Celebrates International Women’s Day? March 8 marks International Women’s Day. Armenians will celebrate with presents, balloons, flowers, flowers, and flowers again.

If in many countries that day commemorates women’s rights and gender equality, in Armenia it is a day that celebrates womanhood.

But did you know that March 8 is officially celebrated in Armenia and in the other countries that were part of the Soviet Union for 99 years?

Let’s focus on how Women’s day was adopted in the soviet times, how the image of the soviet woman changed throughout the years and what symbolizes Women’s day now for Armenia.
7 March, 2020 21:00 Arman Nur, the Armenian Master Who Creates the New from the Old Arman Nur is an Armenian artist who works with many forms He is a designer, sculptor, jeweller and a painter at the same time In his Yerevan studio, the artist spends days and nights creating unique pieces 
We followed Nur from his studio to his gallery where he showed us his famous “The Fly”, which won first prize at the 2017 International Biennial of Contemporary Art Nur is the first and only Armenian to receive the prestigious award
7 March, 2020 13:26 How Do Armenian Products Reach Azerbaijan? In late February, Azerbaijani media reported that the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan had destroyed significant amounts of products from Armenia.

In accordance with a court ruling, mobile phones, Armenian cognac, foodstuffs, household items, cigarettes and souvenirs were burnt in front of journalists and cameramen, in a landfill near the Azerbaijani city of Sumgayit.
6 March, 2020 15:41 Mother and Daughter Severely Beaten in Gyumri, the Mother has Died  The 28-year old man, who police believe had a close relationship with the mother, called emergency services who discovered the severely beaten minor and the woman who was already deceased, about eight hours after being beaten, according to the prosecutor.

6 March, 2020 12:53 Armenian Government Embarks on Police Reform, Proposes Wide-Ranging Structural Changes In February, Armenia’s Ministry of Justice published a draft of the government’s police reform plan, entitled the Police Reform Strategy and Action Plan for 2020-2022. Among other changes, the plan envisages the reorganization of the country’s police as a reestablished Ministry of Internal Affairs. Under the current system, the police force directly reports to the prime minister, as does the National Security Service (NSS). However, if reorganized as a separate ministry, the police force will instead report to the National Assembly.

6 March, 2020 12:31 Report: Armenia More Prepared than Switzerland and Finland to Handle Epidemic Prevention Epidemics, a website that uses data to assess the epidemic preparedness of the world’s nations, has given Armenia a score of 90, which is higher than Switzerland (89), Finland (86), US (87) and Belgium (85).

5 March, 2020 15:00 Lives and Struggles Through the Lens By taking us straight to the construction site, showing us the village life in Chinari, a town in Tavush province in Armenia, or even lifting the red curtains of the theatre stage, 4Plus, an Armenian photo-story media platform, allows the viewer to merge themself and live through different stories. All of these small stories, in turn, provide a deeper glance into the wider issues of labor rights, minority rights, and women’s issues.
4 March, 2020 17:17 Freedom House Report Shows Improvements in Rights and Liberties in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh On March 4, Freedom House released the latest edition of its much-cited Freedom in the World report, which assesses rights and liberties worldwide on a country-by-country basis. Though the report paints a “grim picture overall” of the Eurasia region, it specifically points to the leadership of reformist politicians in Armenia, as well as Ukraine and Moldova, as positive developments. The report categorizes all three countries as “partly free”.

4 մարտ, 2020 16:59 Armenia’s Prime Minister Receives Warm Welcome in Georgia, Pledges Continued Bilateral Cooperation On March 3-4, Armenian leader Nikol Pashinyan paid his third official visit as Prime Minister to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. During his trip, Pashinyan met with numerous high-ranking officials in the Georgian government, including Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, Parliament Speaker Archil Talakvadze, and President Salome Zurabishvili.

3 March, 2020 20:10 Why Does Catalonia Want to Be Independent? Ariadna Isern Creus is a Board Member of the Barcelona-based Catalan National Assembly, a 50,000 member NGO fighting for Catalonia’s self-determination. In 2017 a referendum for independence was held in Catalonia. Why does Catalonia want to be independent from Spain? CivilNet's Tatul Hakobyan discusses the issue with Adriana Isern Creus.
3 March, 2020 18:20 Turning Words Into Art On February 27, TUMO studios, showed the results of Reza Abedini and Diana Bou Dakka’s workshop called “TYPOEM.” During the two weeks of the workshop, students materialized Armenian modern poems through arts and crafts.