24 July, 2020 18:56 Time is running out for Azerbaijan as COVID-19 is drawing the post-oil era closer: Petrostrategies Time is running out for Azerbaijan. While hydrocarbons are its main political and economic asset, the Covid-19 pandemic is drawing the post-oil era closer. The country’s reserves are now more than half depleted, and oil prices could stay low for a long time, perhaps indefinitely. Not only will Baku’s budgetary oil revenues be lower than before (probably $8 billion in 2020 instead of $20 billion per annum a few years ago), but the higher gas revenues that it had hoped for (with the planned entry into service of the TAP gasline to Italy at the end of 2020) probably won’t materialize. This colossal gas project, which required more than $40 billion in investment, can only be profitable if the price of oil is higher than $70/b. This may never be the case again, unless something unforeseen occurs. 23 July, 2020 22:26 Serbia Admits Supplying Arms to Armenia Despite Azerbaijan’s Anger ✓Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has stated that Azerbaijan’s use of force is baseless both during peace talks and even on the battlefield.
✓The government has nominated the first of three new high court judges.
✓Serbia admits supplying arms to Armenia.
✓Amount of new COVID-19 cases continues to stabilize.
✓The US House of Representatives will vote on restoring demining aid to Karabakh.
23 July, 2020 21:00 Activist panel reveals how Armenians can support Black Lives Matter A virtual forum hosted by the progressive Boston-based Armenian activist collective Zoravik on Monday evening explored a shared history of subjugation, violence, exclusion and denial to advise what the Black Lives Matter movement can and should mean for Armenians.
23 July, 2020 20:15 In Bordering Choratan, Villagers Repair a Water Pipeline Damaged by Azerbaijani Shelling On July 12, a new wave of clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalated in Tavush Province in Armenia’s northeast. Azerbaijani gunfire and shelling in nearby villages damaged homes, kindergartens, and other infrastructure.
CivilNet is in the bordering village of Choratan where the water pipeline that provides irrigation to the village was damaged by a shelling. The team followed the villagers through the forest in their journey to repair the water pipeline.
22 July, 2020 22:49 Armenia Accuses Azerbaijan of Launching Fresh Attack ✓Armenia has accused Azerbaijani forces of launching a fresh attack.
✓As new constitutional amendments come into effect, three new high court judges are set to be elected.
✓439 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.
✓Buildings submerged in Lake Sevan are due to be demolished.
21 July, 2020 21:49 US Passes Amendment on Reviewing Military Aid to Azerbaijan ✓The US House of Representatives has passed an amendment that entails a review of Azerbaijani military aid.
✓273 new cases of covid-19 have been confirmed.
✓The situation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border has remained calm for a second day.
21 July, 2020 16:52 Why did Azerbaijan Trigger a Provocation in Tavush? Border clashes initiated in Tavush region on July 12 were similar in their nature with the military operations of 2016, but developed differently due to the fundamental changes in Armenia's security system. Our researches identified a direct link between fluctuations in oil prices and border tensions: the lower the oil prices and the more severe the consequences thereof on the Azerbaijani economy, the likelier the increase in border tensions.

21 July, 2020 13:38 Recent Survey Indicates High Levels of Public Satisfaction with Armenian Government’s Coronavirus Response Survey data collected last month by the International Republican Institute (IRI), a Washington-based think tank, indicate relatively high levels of public satisfaction with the Armenian government’s response to the pandemic, in line with other surveys showing a steady increase in public trust in state institutions over the past few years. The poll, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, involved a representative sample of more than 1,500 permanent residents of Armenia.
20 July, 2020 21:25 One Day After Bombings in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur Village Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur, a bordering Armenian village located several meters from the Azerbaijani border, is one of several towns and villages under Azerbaijani gunfire. Recent clashes on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border began on July 12, and continue to escalate.

CivilNet visited Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur the day after the shelling. Although civilians remain calm, the damage on their homes has been significant.
20 July, 2020 18:43 Report Shines Light on Restrictions Facing Pregnant Women at Armenian Hospitals A recent investigation by the prominent London-based media platform openDemocracy highlights breaches of World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for pregnant women at hospitals across the globe, including in Armenia. Tracking the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on women’s rights worldwide, openDemocracy identified recent cases in nearly 50 countries where pregnant women were either denied essential childbirth services or received treatment at medical facilities that breach WHO guidelines.
20 July, 2020 17:00 Armenia Unveils Updated National Security Strategy Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented Armenia’s latest national security strategy at a meeting of the country’s Security Council on July 10, just days before skirmishes erupted on the northern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the deadliest outbreak of hostilities between the two countries since 2016.

20 July, 2020 11:29 Arif Yunusov: Azerbaijani Authorities Do Not Know How to Talk to People CivilNet’s Stella Mehrabekyan spoke to Arif Yunusov (Yunus), an Azerbaijani author, historian, and human rights activist who lives in the Netherlands since 2016 and is the Head of the Department of Conflictology and Migration at the Azerbaijan Institute of Peace and Democracy.