26 September, 2019 21:40 PODCAST! Armenia's Amulsar Gold Mine, a Test for Pashinyan On September 9, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that the Amulsar Gold Mine will continue to operate in Armenia’s south. This announcement comes despite year-long protests by activists and residents of nearby towns, and despite an environmental impact assessment report that warns of significant impact to the environment.

The Amulsar mine is operated by Lydian International. The company is officially registered in Jersey, Channel Islands, known as an offshore financial center.

Now, the Pashinyan’s government faces a real test of governance. Activists say they plan to continue and strengthen the blockade of the roads that lead to the mine. In turn, Lydian International is threatening to sue the Armenian government for two billion dollars for breaching a contract that was signed with the previous government.
26 September, 2019 20:10 US Commission on Religious Freedom Concerned about Turkish Government's Interference in the Election of Armenian Patriarch According to the press release issued by USCIRF on September 26, Turkish authorities have issued guidelines for the election of a new patriarch for the Armenian Apostolic Church. The guidelines reportedly include a new condition that would preclude clerics serving outside of Turkey from participating in the election and severely restrict the number of individuals eligible to stand for election. The election for patriarch is scheduled to take place on December 11, 2019.

25 September, 2019 17:18 Saryan Park: Colors that Complete Yerevan Saryan Park, or Saryan’s Vernissage as it’s often called, is a place where artists have been exhibiting and selling their paintings since the 1980s. Located in the heart of Yerevan, Saryan Park has become a colorful corner of the city. The park is named after the famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan.
25 September, 2019 11:19 Education in Armenia: Deputy Minister of Education on the Country’s Future The government of Armenia has emphasized educational reform as one of the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the country.
Armenia is currently transitioning from the Soviet-era system of 10-year schooling to a 12-year education cycle, composed of a three-tier system that includes primary, medium and high schools. More than 1,400 general education schools are operating throughout the country.
23 September, 2019 16:46 A Corner of the Diaspora – Attempting to Collaborate, Again Representatives of twenty Southern California Armenian organizations met at the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church to announce the formation of a new coordinating body — the Pan-Armenian Council of Western USA. The Council’s stated mission is to implement and realize projects that advance the collective interests of Armenians throughout the region. 21 September, 2019 19:45 Independence Day in Gyumri : Art Crafts and Food Today, Armenians are celebrating the 28th anniversary of Independence. For the first time, the main events of the celebration are taking place outside the capital Yerevan, here in the second largest city of Gyumri. To mark the occasion, arts representing the Shirak region are being exhibited on Shahumyan street, while food pavilions have been set up on Abovyan Street awaiting the visitors of Gyumri on this special day. Let’s take a look at them together.
21 September, 2019 16:54 Gyumri Is Celebrating Armenia’s Independence Day This year, the main celebrations for Armenia’s Independence Day are taking place outside of Yerevan, in the second largest city of Gyumri. Usually, this city is not so crowded, but today, not a hostel, hotel or bed and breakfast has a free room to offer. People from around Armenia are gathered here for the occasion, along with visitors from abroad, ready to celebrate this special day.
20 September, 2019 11:06 Armenia to Open an Embassy in Israel During a government session on September 19, Armenia’s government approved a project to establish an embassy of the Republic of Armenia in f Israel. The embassy will be located in Tel Aviv and is expected to open in early 2020.

“The decision to open an embassy in Israel and thus give a new impetus to bilateral relations is aimed at protecting Armenia’s interests in the region more efficiently,” reads the decision.

19 September, 2019 10:59 Armenia’s Chief of Police Promoted to Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister Valeriy Osipyan, Chief of Police of the Republic of Armenia, has been appointed as chief advisor to the prime minister. PM Pashinyan signed the decision on September 18.
18 September, 2019 18:25 Small Steps That Lead to Big Humanitarian Changes: A Conversation with Dr. Tom Catena Doctor Tom Catena is a missionary and surgeon who was honored as the 2017 Aurora Prize Laureate, an award given to a global humanitarian. He was appointed as chair of the Aurora humanitarian initiative in December 2018.

Dr. Catena talks to CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan about global health issues and the need to localize humanitarian work.
17 September, 2019 20:12 Robert Kocharyan to Remain in Custody Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan will remain in custody, the Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction of Shengavit District ruled on September 17. 17 September, 2019 14:43 Fear, Loathing and Leaving Aleppo Russian troops are not the only non-Syrian military presence in the country. Turkey has pushed its borders and the limits of its influence to practically control large territories in northern Syria, and there are American bases in the Kurdish controlled northeastern part of the country. Other than official troops, foreign fighters in Syria come in different shades and colors and are supported by various groups. The highest concentration of these groups is currently in and around Idlib in central Syria. One high ranking soldier in the Syrian army referred to it as “Kandahar” because of the large number of foreign fighters there.