15 November, 2019 11:15 Mass Illegal Child Adoption Cases Uncovered in Armenia The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSS) uncovered several cases of children being illegally adopted by foreigners, according to a report the agency released Thursday.

Two Armenian citizens organized the adoption of three dozen Armenian children by Italian citizens in a gross violation of the Armenian legislation, the NSS said. The scheme involved the use of contacts in a maternity hospital, in a number of government agencies and orphanages.
15 November, 2019 10:43 What's Next in US – Turkey Relations? Both sides have reached the meeting with clear positions. Turkey was unhappy about the US decision to stop Turkey’s participation in F-35 military jet program. The rejection of Turkey’s numerous requests to extradite cleric Fetullah Gulen, whom Turkish authorities are blaming for organizing the 2016 military coup attempt, has put additional pressure on bilateral relations. The almost unanimously adopted US House of Representatives’ resolution recognizing Armenian Genocide, and the possible adoption of similar resolution by Senate as well as circulation of several bills in the Congress aimed at sanctioning Turkey were among the Turkish concerns.

14 November, 2019 18:00 Manuk Hergnyan: Economic Leapfrogging Requires Much More Complex Efforts Manuk Hergnyan, a managing partner at EV Consulting and Granatus Ventures, talks to CivilNet’s host interviewer and AUA Associate Professor of Economics Aleksandr Grigoryan about Armenia’s recent economic dynamics and competitiveness. While recent political changes led to significant improvements in key aspects of business environment, particularly in increasing transparency and creating a level playing field for businesses, according to him those are not sufficient to enable faster growth. Only marginal improvement in competitiveness rankings, record low level of share of investments in GDP reflect this reality. The development requires more complex policies, and he particularly stresses on the need for intensive investments in human capital. He formulates his vision for the Armenian workforce – to be fast learners. Manuk Hergnyan believes this will differentiate the country in its quest for attracting investments.
14 November, 2019 14:20 Doubts Remain on Feasibility of Armenian Government’s Plan to Plant Ten Million Trees In a phone conversation with CivilNet on November 13, Ghazaryan elaborated on the prior points and explained in more detail the factors that would hinder the realization of the project. For instance, Ghazaryan estimates that ten million trees would require 3000-3300 hectares of land. However, both social factors, such as the fact that many towns in Armenia have agricultural-based economies that require the maintenance of open land for livestock grazing, and ecological factors, such as the fact that forests will not grow at an altitude greater than 2300-2400 meters, limit the amount of available land in Armenia for tree planting. Similarly, the country’s nurseries do not currently have sufficient capacity to provide ten million seedlings in a year. 13 November, 2019 17:58 Armenia’s Public Council Chairman Vazgen Manukyan Has Resigned In his statement, Manukyan criticized the Armenian government, saying that it had an exceptional opportunity to lead the country to development and to mobilize the people around national problems, though the authorities have gone in a different direction, and today an unprecedented degree of mistrust and hatred has formed in the country. 12 November, 2019 20:00 Evening Life on Yerevan's Northern Avenue A look inside Yerevan's infamous Northern Avenue. 12 November, 2019 16:15 Nikol Pashinyan responds to Azerbaijani blogger's question Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attends the Second Paris Peace Conference and the 40th UNESCO General Conference. On the sidelines of the conference Pashinyan had a press briefing. In this video Armenia's Prime Minister answers an Azerbaijani blogger's question.

11 November, 2019 22:00 LKR Made in Armenia Handbags For All Twenty years ago, Karen Hovsepyan started a new chapter in his life.
Already a doctor, he added businessman to his resume by founding a handbag company called LKR. His company makes around 300 different types of bags, all designed and made in Armenia’s capital of Yerevan. LKR sells nearly 10,000 handbags each year.
11 November, 2019 18:21 Sergey Lavrov: No agreements can be signed without the consent of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh "The parties themselves should coordinate and determine the composition of the participants in the negotiations. At the early stage of consultations and subsequent negotiations on the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement, when the fighting stopped, Nagorno-Karabakh was a party to the relevant agreements and relevant negotiations after the [1994] ceasefire," Lavrov said. 11 November, 2019 08:21 Will Mandatory Armenian Language, Literature and History Courses Be Removed From Armenia’s Universities? Should Armenian language, literature and history courses be mandatory for all  university students 
This is the debate that has been taking place in Armenia since October 
Arayik Harutyunyan, Armenia’s Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, said he wants to remove the mandatory nature of these three subjects in universities 
“In all logic, a high school graduating student has enough knowledge in Armenian language, Armenian literature and Armenian history Thus, repeating those subjects in higher education has no influence on ensuring the quality of specialties,” Harutyunyan stated during a session with the government on October 23 “On the contrary, if those subjects are not mandatory in the program, the specialized student would have more time to deepen their knowledge in their field and ensure better quality”
In response to this decision, students of the Faculty of Armenian Philology of Yerevan State University started a strike They insi
6 November, 2019 18:00 Secret Prisons in Yemen, the Fight of Huda Al Sarari Huda Al-Sarari is a Yemeni lawyer and activist. She is one of the three humanitarians of the 2019 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity.

Miss Al-Sarari prepared the Human Rights Watch report about a clandestine network of secret prisons where thousands of men and boys are detained illegally.

Huda Al-Sarari talks with CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan about violences and torture committed in those secret prisons and violations of Human Rights in Yemen.
6 November, 2019 09:59 The Secret Owners of Armenia's Largest Enterprise The real shareholders of Armenia's largest enterprise, the Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine (ZCMC), have been anonymous to the public for years. Since the 2004 privatization, there have been several changes among its shareholders, the last one being after Armenia’s Velvet Revolution of 2018. The former shareholders had affiliations with Mikael Minasyan, Ambassador to the Vatican and Armenia’s third President Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law. The relatives of former director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan are also involved in this story.