17 February, 2020 19:41 German Avagyan, the Artist that Focused on the Outcasts Armenian photographer German Avagyan passed away on February 16, 2020, from a heart attack He was 58 years old In his work, the photographer turned his attention almost solely to reportage He documented the harsh conditions faced by people on the outskirts and margins of Armenian society 
17 February, 2020 10:22 Jai Jagat March for Peace and Justice Arrives in Armenia The Jai Jagat march for peace and justice, which starts from New Delhi and ends in Geneva, has arrived in Armenia. The marchers will go from the southern town of Agarak, on the Iranian border, all the way to Sadakhlo on the Georgian border.

The march began in New Delhi on October 2 of last year to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. The 10,000 kilometer global march for peace and justice will pass through 10 countries and will last 365 days in total, with nonviolent and justice-themed training and other events taking place along the way.
16 February, 2020 16:08 Armenian and Azerbaijani Leaders Hold an Unprecedented Public Debate Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev held an unprecedented public debate on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference on February 15 14 February, 2020 21:30 “Consequence: Artefact,” a Story of Humans and War Consequence Artefact is the artistic result of Areg Balayan, Edik Boghosian add Hrayr Sargsyan’s work
Their exhibition tells an alternative story of the NagornoKarabakh conflict 
For more than a year, Edik and Areg worked on human stories and material examples related to the ongoing conflict between Armenia, the NagornoKarabakh region and Azerbaijan Each of them finally transformed them into a piece of art 
Hrayr Sargsyan, a documentary documentary, captured the whole process through his camera lense, to make a movie recounting the path they’ve been through and that resulted in the exhibition 
‘Consequence Artefact’ will run until February 28 at the Artist’s Union of Armenia in Yerevan 
14 փետրվար, 2020 17:20 Pashinyan “Will Back Amulsar Mine if Risks are Manageable” and Vice Versa Pashinyan made the remarks during a visit to Germany, where he participated in a discussion held in conjunction with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin on February 13.

The Amulsar mining project in Armenia’s south became a major controversy and a test for Pashinyan’s government, as environmental activists have been blocking roads to the mine for nearly two years, warning of the grave environmental impacts of the mine.
14 February, 2020 16:43 Armenia Moves to Ban Smoking in Public Spaces On February 13, Armenia’s National Assembly adopted a bill to ban smoking in public places. The law will be implemented starting March 2022, with a number of the provisions coming into effect from 2021.

The bill prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces, including in restaurants, buses, playgrounds, as well as in health, educational, and cultural institutions. Certain regulations are also envisaged for the sale and promotion of tobacco products.
13 February, 2020 16:40 Syrian Parliament Recognizes Armenian Genocide On February 13, the Syrian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing and condemning the systematic massacres of Armenians in 1915 as “genocide.” 12 February, 2020 21:00 Hrant Matevosyan, Stories of Rural Life Hrant Matevosyan is one of Armenia’s most prominent and accomplished contemporary novelists 
February 12, 1935 is the day of his birth 
In his works, he depicts modern life reflected through images of rural life
His books have been translated into around 40 languages, including Russian, English, French and German
12 February, 2020 13:03 Armenian Government Grapples with Emergence of Far Right Groups The brief detainment of several far right activists in Yerevan late last month has thrust the emergence of such groups into the country’s political spotlight. On January 28, police in Yerevan conducted a series of coordinated detentions of far right activists on weapon- and drug-related charges, which were ultimately unfounded. As a result, all the detained activists were quickly released, after which they began alleging mistreatment and excessive force by the police.
11 փետրվար, 2020 17:28 Orbelyan Reinstated as Director of Yerevan Opera House After Dismissal By Emilio Luciano Cricchio
Konstantin Orbelyan, Artistic Director of the Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theater, announced in a press conference today, that he is once again the director of the theater 
Orbelyan has won a civil lawsuit against former Minister of Culture Nazeni Gharibyan, who ordered Orbelyan’s dismissal as director of the Opera and Ballet Theater back in March 2019 
The Court of Appeal also has upheld the court decision to reinstate Orbelyan as director, revoking Nazeni Gharbiyan’s decision 
Gharibyan ordered the dismissal as Orbelyan was concurrently artistic director of the Opera and Ballet Theater, when the director of the theater is not allowed to hold a second position or job 
Orbelyan was first appointed as director of the Opera and Ballet Theater in 2016 by former Minister of Culture, Armen Amiryan 
Shortly after his dismissal, Orbelyan, who is a world famous, grammynominated conductor, submitted a lawsuit against former Acting Minister of Cul
10 February, 2020 18:28 Armenia to Hold Referendum to Sack Top Court Judges On April 5, Armenia will hold a referendum on suspending a majority of members of the Constitutional Court.

A resolution calling for the dismissal of 7 of the 9 judges of the Constitutional Court through referendum was approved by President Armen Sarkissian, after being passed by the National Assembly on February 6.
10 February, 2020 16:47 New Kazakh Restrictions Hit Armenia’s Car Export Boom One of Armenia’s major car export markets, Kazakhstan, has imposed new restrictions on Armenian car imports.

From January 1, 2020, the Kazakhstani government decided to impose greater restrictions on imported cars from Armenia, with the new trade barriers posing major problems for Armenia, as decreased demand and high earnings expectations may affect thousands.

Armenia’s car imports tripled in 2019, with 189,000 cars receiving new customs clearance in the country, compared to 64,000 in 2018, causing a major increase in tax revenue.