6 November, 2020 13:02 “Photographes pour la paix en Artsakh”, des images pour le Haut-Karabakh Rebecca Topakian est une artiste photographe parisienne d’origine arménienne. Elle est à l’origine d’un projet appelé “Photographes pour la paix en Artsakh.” Elle a sélectionné un panel de photos d’artistes qui ne dépeint pas la violence mais qui honore l’amour. La somme récoltée des photos ira au Fond arménien de France pour aider les réfugiés du Haut-Karabakh, victimes d’une guerre déclenchée par l'Azerbaïdjan sur leur terre le 27 septembre dernier.
6 November, 2020 05:04 Truth: A Casualty of War By Atom Egoyan

It’s said that one of the first casualties of war is the truth, but war is also a great killer of complexity. There is nothing else to think but to protect our land and to support our valiant soldiers. My normal process of thought tries to see things from as many angles as possible, but that serves no purpose in the blunt and brutal activity we are presently engaged in. As Prime Minister Pashinyan has said, there is only victory or defeat. And defeat is unthinkable.

Why is it unthinkable? It is unthinkable that we are once again going to lose land that our ancestors have lived in for so long, and this is what I find so remarkable about our nation. We were divided long ago into an Eastern and Western culture, but we identify as one people. What is unthinkable is that our country of Armenia would be flanked by the ghost of Western Armenia on the west, and the possibility of a ghost of Eastern Armenia on the east. This is a nightmare.
6 November, 2020 04:46 Day 37, Diary of War, Nagorno Karabakh Met a very nice woman today. Her husband and eldest son are in the war, and she and her two children are in the shelter.

“Sometimes it seems to me that I can’t bear it anymore, but I don’t know where the strength comes. I lost my father after the first war, and now my husband and son are there,” she says.

“Don't worry, nothing will happen to them. Have you spoken to your son?”

“Yes, he called…”

“What did he say? And husband?”

“Everything is bad... I am so afraid of the consequences of this war... Bad premonition…”

I could not understand, if she talked to them, then what is the problem? They are alive!
5 November, 2020 21:44 Armenian Forces Mobilize to Defend Shushi City From Azerbaijani Subversive Groups ✓Azerbaijani subversive groups attempt to take the city of Shushi.

✓Armenian FM says no meeting between Aliyev and Pashinyan is on the agenda.

✓Four Azerbaijani drones are downed in the Armenian region of Gegharkunik.

✓Aliyev lambasts Russian claims that Syrian mercenaries are in Karabakh.
5 November, 2020 19:38 Environmentalists Concerned Over Azerbaijan’s Use of White Phosphorus Munitions in Karabakh Forests A video footage released from Karabakh (Artsakh) on October 31 shows Azerbaijani forces firing white phosphorus munitions over major forests in the region.

In the video, white phosphorus can be seen falling on trees in a forested area of Karabakh.

“According to preliminary data, 1815 hectares of forest area have already been burned, but fires continue in various areas, and there is a tendency for rapid growth,” Artak Beglaryan, Karabakh’s Human Rights Defender, said.

White phosphorus weapons spread burning phosphorus, which burns at over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit over a wide area.

In a statement released on November 4, Armenian environmentalists say Azerbaijanis are making the environment uninhabitable for people as well as animals.
5 November, 2020 19:10 A British Journalist Recaps His Time on the Karabakh Frontline and His Interview with Pashinyan British journalist Ed Ram has returned from covering the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. He has worked in conjunction with Vice and the Telegraph, and has covered wars in Afghanistan and Libya. He spoke about his time on the frontline, his interactions with the locals and how this war compared to other wars he’s covered.
5 November, 2020 17:59 Guerre dans le Haut-Karabakh: les tensions sur toutes les lignes de front se maintiennent Les tensions sur toutes les lignes de front du Haut-Karabakh se maintiennent. Les infrastructures civiles sont toujours la cible des roquettes azerbaïdjanaises, en particulier Shoushi et Martuni. Le président d'Azerbaïdjan, Ilham Aliev, accuse la Russie de répandre des rumeurs infondées.
5 November, 2020 07:45 This Week Inside Azerbaijani Media The topic of preconditions continues to remain an important part of Azerbaijani official discourse. During a November 4 interview with Italian La Republica News Agency, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan will not accept Armenia’s precondition of accepting self-determination in Karabakh. Azerbaijan's preconditions are the withdrawal of Armenian Armed Forces from the seven regions surrounding Karabakh.

Additionally, Russian President Vladimir Putin's phone conversations with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and President Aliyev received a strong response in Azerbaijani media - the topic was widely addressed by a number of experts and politicians. Azerbaijani political scientist Hikmet Hajizade said that Azerbaijan has chosen wisely to refrain from attacking and threatening the borders of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian military base there.
5 November, 2020 04:34 Day 36, Diary of War, Nagorno-Karabakh "Cubes of sugar"

Shushi was bombed again. The war continues, more and more refugees and many more wounded. Not to mention the eternal loss... Today I want to tell a story from the first Artsakh war. I will not name the locations, it’s not of importance.

War. A group of young and not so young men are fighting to get rid of the enemy and establish independence in their land. Food? Sleep? It was all just a dream... The battle was not for life, but for death. Losing meant the end of everything and everyone.

The moment came when one group captured an important city. This city was key in terms of winning the war. The peaceful inhabitants of this city who sympathized with the enemy had already left via a corridor. But there were still those who did not have time to escape. The operation was successful. The city belongs to them. One of the most difficult obstacles to independence has been overcome. How long have they been waiting for this? How important it was, how many lives they saved by this.
4 November, 2020 23:26 In Bomb Shelters, Karabakh Families Await War's End According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, three children I visited earlier this week are not war refugees. That’s because although they were forced to flee their homes because of war, they did not cross into another country. Instead, they went across town to a solid structure with a reinforced basement that can better protect them from falling bombs than their own dwelling could.

With their mother leading the way, they fled their home in Stepanakert, the capital of Karabakh, where war erupted the morning of September 27. For the past month they have been at this fortified school that doubles as a bomb shelter and a rest stop for soldiers. The children’s father, a baker, has stayed at his bakery making bread for the troops.
4 November, 2020 23:06 Russian FM: 2,000 Syrian Mercenaries Currently in Karabakh ✓Armenian Defense officials stated that several Azerbaijani offensives have been thwarted.

✓The Russian foreign minister reports that 2,000 mercenaries are in Nagorno-Karabakh.

✓Shelling continues on the cities of Stepanakert and Shushi.
4 November, 2020 22:29 Parts of Shushi-Berdzor Road Temporarily Closed in Karabakh Parts of the critical Shushi-Berdzor road in Karabakh have been temporarily closed. The Karabakh Defense Army says that at present search operations are underway in the area for Azerbaijani hostile subversive groups.

On Wednesday morning around 10:30am, Azerbaijani Armed Forces had launched an attack from the area south-east of Berdzor. Karabakh Defense Army said Armenian units carried out set combat tasks, hitting three enemy tanks and stopping the attack.

Just two hours after that, the the Defense Army said Azerbaijani forces launched yet another attack in the same direction, and was repelled to its starting positions after losing two tanks and two infantry vehicles.