Armenia Hospitalizes 36 as Part of Preventative Measures Against Coronavirus (updated)

By Emilio Luciano Cricchio


In the original version of the article it was mentioned that 36 people have been hospitalized in Armenia with suspected coronavirus symptoms. However, the 36 people were hospitalized as a preventive measure by Armenian authorities, to ensure that any possible cases of the coronavirus do not make it past Armenia’s points of entry. They were in actual fact, not “suspected” of having coronavirus. 

As part of preventive measures undertaken by Armenian authorities, 36 people were hospitalized at entry points into Armenia, to ensure that any spread of the Coronavirus is stopped at the border.  

“Thirty six people have been hospitalized at border checkpoints; most of them at Yerevan’s Zvartnots Airport but also at the Armenian-Georgian border,” said Hakob Avagyan, head of the Health and Labor Inspectorate. 

Avagyan made the remarks in an interview with Shant TV, where he also spoke about the work afoot to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Armenia. 

“Now, we are not only checking peoples temperature when they arrive. Apart from thermometry instruments, a thorough examination is carried out,” said Avagyan.

According to Avagyan, further measures will be taken.

“We are cooperating with the National Security Service and the Foreign Ministry when we know we will have passengers arriving from affected countries. Address cards are filled in advance, and we have already filled 1,271 of them since January 24,” said Avagyan. 

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced on Monday that Armenia was closing its land border with Iran in the southern region of Syunik and also suspending all air traffic between the two countries for two weeks. 

Furthermore, on February 24, Pashinyan convened a special meeting with Armenia’s Commission for the Prevention of Coronavirus to discuss the preventative measures that the government had implemented thus far. 

Following the meeting, Pashinyan made clear that only passenger traffic would be affected by the closure of the Armenian-Iranian border, cargo transportation would continue as usual. 

However, the PM added that a “special control regime over drivers,” would be implemented. Moreover, Armenian citizens currently in Iran who want to return to Armenia are also exempt from the travel restrictions. 

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