Despair is not for Armenians

Garo Ghazarian sits down with Lara Tcholakian to share his purpose and life mission, his perseverance for the rights of Armenians, and his drive as imprinted by his parents and ancestors since the Armenian genocide. Ghazarian shares his story of how he was raised and educated in Lebanon by parents (Barkev Ghazarian and Ovsanna Poladian) and grandparents, from Kaladuran, Kessab. He describes the role that his family has played in instilling the values and qualities he acquired, his sources of motivation, and the importance of working to advance the Armenian cause. Ghazarian expresses his thoughts on the importance of continuing to battle and face the challenges that the Armenian people face, in Artsakh, Armenia, Jerusalem and wherever there is a need.

About Garo Ghazarian

Garo Ghazarian is a Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is the former Dean of the People’s College of Law and a law professor in various universities and academies in the US, Armenia and Artsakh. He is regularly invited to speak on CNN, Fox, and Al-Jazeera English TV. He serves on numerous community boards and is a memberof the City of Glendale Civil Service Commission, where he has also been Chairman. He served as Chairman of the Armenian Bar Association for two terms and board member (and Co-Chair) of the Armenian Rights Watch Committee. He has been a recipient of various awards for his community service and work for the Armenian cause. Since the Artsakh War in 2020, he has increasingly cooperated and assisted the Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and of Artsakh and has co-founded and co-hosted FRONTLINES-LIVE on CivilNet.

Program overview

In a new open setting, Lara deconstructs inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life lessons and experiences from change catalysts. Her guests reflect on the stories, people, events and mindsets that have shaped their professional and personal lives, enabling them to create a more mindful life.

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