“When the world is indifferent about our cause, we can only count on ourselves”, Rafi Haladjian

Rafi Haladjian, in conversation with Lara Tcholakian, speaks about the experiences and tribulations that come with having three identities – an Armenian born in Lebanon, living in France. He shares his thoughts about how his family’s story, the memory of the genocide, and the war in Lebanon have given him a strong sense of determination, the drive to create and innovate, and the conviction to reach new heights as an entrepreneur.

Rafi Haladjian is the Founder and CEO of Juice in France. In 1994, he founded FranceNet, the very first Internet company in France. In 2003, he launched Violet, and then became famous for the development of Nabaztag, a WIFI connected rabbit and the first audio personal assistant (predating Alexa or Google Home). After launching several other ISPs (such as Fluxus and Ozone), he established the Sen.se in 2010 and developed the product Mother, a connecting device that works as a hub for home sensors. In 2017, he was awarded with France’s chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.

Program overview

Armenian leaders share inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life learnings and experiences. Down-to-earth, authentic and mindful conversations preserve the stories and legacies of families, and reflect on the lessons learnt from inherited collective trauma and introspective leadership.