Diasporan children learn Armenian online through new initiative

The MAM educational initiative is providing free online courses in Armenian studies to children in the diaspora, usually aged 6-12. Students from Armenian communities around the world just need to have an internet connection, and through the MAM website and an online teacher, they can learn not only the Armenian language, but also more about Armenian culture, history, and heritage. Though the program has only existed for a year, MAM is now seeking to expand and even set up small hubs in Armenian communities around the world.

  • Your work looks great. Do you have any classes for adults? I am 2nd generation Armenian in USA, Ventura County, CA. My grandparents escaped from Harpoot, Turkey in the 1880’s and settled in Fresno, CA. They experienced some prejudice and when my father left home for College in 1929 he wanted to assimilate into US culture and left his Armenian identity, faith, and language behind. My mother was Scotch-Irish and so we did not learn Armenian or have contact with Armenians and my father would not teach us Armenian and even forgot a lot of it. I have become more interested in embracing my Armenian heritage in the past several years and want to learn Armenian and teach my 3 young grandchildren and counting before they get too old. I am not sure the best way to go about learning Armenian, but saw your video on CivilNet and am interested, though I realize your work is primarily if not exclusively for children. Thank you and God bless you!

    Robert Bagdazian

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